I use natural materials and precious metals, and products should be treated and cared for accordingly. Metals react to their environment, and will react in contact with sun, oxygen, humidity, water, perfume, salt, and even the grease on your fingers. But oxidation and stains can be limited by taking care of the products. F.ex keep your items in an airtight bag while not in use to prevent possible oxidation. Keep them seperate from other jewellery/items to prevent scratches, and in general avoid rough use, and tough handeling; f.ex make sure to take off your jewellery before you go to the gym.  Avoid direct contact with strong liquids such as perfume and hairspray, and do not shower or jump into the ocean with your jewellery. It is also a good tip not to leave your jewellery in the bathroom, because high humidity might cause your jewellery to tarnish quickly.


Please note:  
Pearls and some natural stones dislike for instance soap/dishwashing liquid and chemicals like silver dip or silver polish. And sometimes silver polish dislike other materials than silver. 



Some of my jewellery have a rought and more natural look, where the surface have been given a specific treatment. These should not be cleaned with any cleaning products, because they will then lose their natural color and treated surface. These can only be rinsed with clean water if needed, and then dried with a soft cloth without rubbing. The suface of these jewellerys might change naturally over time, but that just adds some history to the piece. 




Sometimes the jewellery needs to be cleaned. Generally you can mix some dishwashing liquid with medium hot water. Remember: Pearls do not like soap! Use a soft brush (ex an old toothbrush. A baby toothbrush is the best) or rub gently with your fingers. This will take away the grease. Rinse well with clean water. Gently wipe the metal, using a soft and clean cloth to prevent scratches (Be aware that sometimes even papertowels are too coarse and can scratch the surface). Let dry completely before storing to avoid staining - A hairdryer on low temperature can be useful to reach all areas. 


Pearls on the other hand do not mind grease. To give them an extra shine if needed, rub them a little on your forehead or against your skin.

All jewellery should be handled gently, but some of the jewellery are constructed even more delicatley with thin chains, and should not be rubbed or brushed!





If silver that are ment to have a pure silver colored surface, with either a shiny or mattet finish, suddenly have become more yellow, brown or black, this means it has tarnished. Then it is time to use the silver polish. 

If you have a polishing cloth (ask you local goldsmith) and the item is supposed to have a polished/shiny look, you can use the silver polishing cloth or the creamy silver polish. If the surface is ment to have a matt finnish, it might be better to use silver dip. Dip the silver for a few seconds, then rinse well in hot water. Very important to rinse well to avoid the cemicals to cause damage.

Whether you use cloth, polish or dip, make sure you follow instructions on the products.

Some jewelry are already oxidized as part of their design, and then no polishing is needed. If you polish or use silver cleansing products, you will remove the black surface.
The other problem with oxidized silver is that the black color rubs off, and suddenly you have silvery edges. This is just a sign that the jewellery has been worn, and adds a new authentic quality.


But if you want to have them black again you can try this trick at home:

PS: Do not try this on jewellery with pearls and stones! 

Boil an egg, take out the yellow part and crumble it and put your silver jewelry and yolk in a plastic bag. The sulphur in the yolk will start to oxidize the silver after a while. Leave it in until you´re satisfied, and clean well with brush.


For silver jewellery that has been semi oxidised, use a silver cloth to highlight only the parts that are ment to be shiny/silver colored.





When rinsing other metals than just a general cleaning with mild soap and water, please follow instructions on cleaning products that are made specific for that purpose.


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